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"Since Wilson was murdered, he’s due some good luck now, at least that’s what math says."

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My coworker took off from work 25 min. early essentially so she could take company time to chat socially with someone at an office to which she was dropping off paperwork. Wish I could get away with crap like that. UGH. SHE ANNOYS THE LIVING SNOT OUTTA ME.

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100 sg1 christmas icons as you requested :D
Feel free to use ;)
*yep, mostly Daniel :P*

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In a matter of hours on Friday, Typhoon Haiyan completely devastated parts of the central Philippines. It was one of the strongest storms ever recorded. The death toll is estimated up to 10,000 with hundreds of thousands more displaced. The country has declared a “state of calamity.”

To all our friends and family in the Philippines, our hearts and thoughts are with you — and we want to make sure you’re aware of the online resources to find loved ones or request rescue.

To everyone else, please help those desperate for clean water and food by donating to the UN World Food Programme:

  • USA: Text AID to 27722 to donate $10
  • UK: Text AID to 70303 to donate £3
  • Canada: Text RELIEF to 45678 to donate $5
  • Donate online
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Oh hello arms. I mean Nathan.


Oh hello arms. I mean Nathan.


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Nathan Fillion || Hands

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